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Here is where you can find updates, deleted scenes, some random fun facts, and general information all through the lens of a pretentious, judgmental raccoon.

ElBin’s Lochlann Treaty Playlist

In honor of the final day of the sale for Lochlann Treaty, ElBin thought they would share this so-called “playlist” so that their readers might ...

Trash Posts from a Trash Panda, Vol. 2

In our latest edition of Trash Posts from a Trash Panda, we bring you this deleted scene that very sadly did not make the final ...

Pumpkins and Dragon Fruit

Dear illustrious readers, I came across a letter in my daily rubbish musings in regards to the origins of certain romantic traditions within Lochlann. Did ...

Trash Posts from a Trash Panda, Vol. 1

Dearest readers, This is now my second blog post, and after giving it a great deal of thought, I have finally decided on the name ...
illustration of a raccoon with a top hat, monocle and magic quill

I must acknowledge this shiny new website

To whom it may concern, It has come to this raccoon’s attention that the human authors known as Elle Madison and Robin D. Mahle are ...

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