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Of Elves and Embers

The Forgotten Kingdoms Series

This book is part of a shared world full of standalone romantasy stories that can be read in ANY order.

A princess bound in flames.
A king living in shadows.
A forgotten vow written in the stars.

When I jetted off to Vegas for a reluctant girls’ weekend, the last thing I expected was to tumble through a portal into an alternate reality.

Now, I’m stuck in a world straight out of a fantasy, collared by a king who can’t stand the sight of me, and roped into a deal he insists I struck in a previous life – a life where I was an Elven princess, arch-rival to his court.

I keep telling myself it’s all a crazy dream, but the memories that barrage me every night are too real to ignore. And, as much as I hate to admit it, there’s this inexplicable pull towards this mysterious elf – my captor, my adversary, and, bizarrely, my protector.

King Hadeon is hiding things about our shared history, and I’m not sure I’m ready to dig into that mystery. Even if I dared, the revelations might be more than I can handle.

With the Moon Court Elves gunning for me and wraiths threatening to destroy everything, I’m racing against time and fate. I need to piece together my past life before it’s too late, and before history decides to repeat itself.

*Author Note: This is a standalone fantasy romance that contains a dark romance with slow-burn enemies-to-lovers, fated mates, forced proximity, and medium spice.

**Collection Notes:

Forgotten Kingdoms is a collection of full-length stand-alone fantasy romance novels with fated mates and a guaranteed happily ever after. With vampires, fae, shifters, and everything in between, each book features a unique heroine and her epic love story that can be read in any order.

Authors in this set include:

  • Chandelle LaVaun
  • G.K. DeRosa
  • Megan Montero
  • Jen L. Grey
  • Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison
  • LJ Andrews
  • Jessica M. Butler
  • M. Sinclair


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