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We – Elle Madison and Robin D. Mahle – are a bestie-coauthor team. We write fantasy romance with a solid dose of adventure. Our speciality is enemies-to-lovers, heavy on the banter and feels and shared bed trope, and we like to think we specialize in making people cry. (Are they tears of laughter? Angst? Physical pain because you’ve hurt yourself throwing your book at the wall when you come across one of our cliffhangers? All of the above, readers. All of the above.)

We like to think of our books as PG-13. They’re more than a Hallmark movie, but not quite Sarah J Maas.

Generally speaking, we try to keep our books free of major or graphic triggers, but there are sensitive subjects and situations that arise. You can click this link for an ongoing, comprehensive list of content warnings. We will update it with each new release.

Please be aware that there will be spoilers, since we try to be as specific as possible for the sake of our readers’ mental health. 

Click here for the warnings

For the most part, any old covers are out of print. If we get enough requests for something, it’s not out of the question that we will run a limited edition reprint of them, though! Short of that, you can always message or email us because sometimes we have them lying around.

We have official release dates for the rest of Twisted Pages! Of Thieves and Shadows will release February 13, 2024, and Of Songs and Silence will release April 2, 2024.

For Fragile Oath, our amazing narrators have quite a workload but they are well worth the wait! We are looking at an early Summer 2024 release. <3 

So Chronologically, The Lochlann Treaty is first, followed by The Lochlann Feuds, then The Lochlann Deception. Treaty is the first generation, and the other two take place twenty-ish years later.


However, our personal recommendation is to start with Rowan’s story in Feuds, then work your way through the others. We feel like Rowan sets up the entire world and gives you a better idea of our writing style going forward.


That said, we write them so that each series can be read without the prior knowledge of the others. (Though there will be end-game romance spoilers for Treaty in the other two). Since all of our characters are pretty distinct, we encourage our readers to start with whichever one engages them the most. <3 

(You know the one – the one from our favorite sexy piece of man meat whose name is being withheld for all the spoiler-y reasons)


This is a story we work consistently on in the background. It’s turning into a bit of a beast, so we are playing around with the best options to bring it to y’all quickly. Keep an eye out for Kindle Vella!

Coming. Some day. We have a very specific vision for Fia, and we won’t write her story until we can do it complete justice.

Right now, we have definite plans for Gwyn and Avani. Beyond that, we have a whole lot of ideas, but we want to see where the world takes us!

Of Thorns and Beauty starts with Zaina. Her story and romance continue all the way through book five, though other characters are added as the story goes.

Robin wrote this one with her hubs, but Elle beta read and contributed, so in a way, this is where ElBin began. It has all the ElBin feels, the ElBin tropes, and the ElBin habit of making you want to hurl your Kindle across the room.

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