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Elle and Robin are award-winning, USA Today Bestselling Authors of over twenty works in the Fantasy Romance genre. They are known for writing realistic, complex characters, witty banter, and epically gut-wrenching romances, topped off with eventual happily ever afters. Their books are also filled to the brim with slow-burn enemies-to-lovers dynamics, feisty heroines, and the only-one-bed trope – which is, in their humble opinions, the best trope of them all.

About the Raccoon

Once upon a time, after several glasses of wine, a mental breakdown or two, in the midst of a crushing deadline, we were asked to come up with an author bio on less than forty-five minutes’ notice. So we enlisted the help of one amazing Amanda Steele, and together, the three of us crafted what might have been the least informative, most ridiculous bio anyone has ever seen. It was never intended to be permanent, but we and our readers have grown rather attached to it.

The grammatical issue was raised, however, of “Romance Advice Columns under a pen name for British Raccoons” vs “Romance Advice Columns for British Raccoons, under a pen name.” But we don’t back down. Thus, we present to you, Count Cedric Raccoonsworth Trashington III, Authorial Aristocrat of the Whispering Woods, a pen name for a British Raccoon.

He does write a romance advice column, clearly, but he now also writes the blogs for our website. We have neither shame nor regrets. At least, not in regards to this.

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