Gold vines with gold leaves
Gold vines with gold leaves

usa Today Best Selling Authors
Robin D. Mahle & Elle Madison


Where Sass Meets Swordplay
& Banter Meets Ballgowns

Of Elves and Embers

A princess bound in flames.
A king living in shadows.
A forgotten vow written in the stars.

Gold Comet


Dive into this coming-of-age story full of sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance, witty banter, and a depth of character you won’t see coming.

Pink, purple painted mountains
A floating island with bright trees and buildings

World Apart​

The World Apart Series will make you question everything you thought you knew about life, humanity, and the choices we make for the people we love.

Twisted Pages

You think you know the tale as old as time, but you’ve already got it wrong. There never was a beauty and a beast, only a girl who was both. And that girl was me.


Welcome to the Enchanted Forest, where the damsels are only in moderate distress and happily ever afters are the norm.

Trails of purple and pink fairy dust
Fairy with flapping wings
Colored mushrooms on top of vines

Behind the Books


Elle and Robin can usually be found on road trips around the US haunting taco-festivals and taking selfies with unsuspecting Spice Girls impersonators.

They have a combined PH.D in Faery Folklore and keep a romance advice column under a British pen-name for raccoons. The two have a rare blood type made up solely of red wine, and can only write books while under the influence of the full moon.

Between the two of them they’ve created a small army of insatiable humans and when not wrangling them into their cages, they can be seen dancing jigs and sacrificing brownie batter to the pits of their stomachs. And somewhere between their busy schedules, they still find time to create worlds and put them into books.

Drawn image of Mahle and Madison
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