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Trash Posts from a Trash Panda, Vol. 1

Dearest readers,

This is now my second blog post, and after giving it a great deal of thought, I have finally decided on the name for this particular column.

Trash Posts from a Trash Panda – an Authordom accounting of the works of ElBin.

This blog shall include any excerpts I can procure from the garbage – meaning any and all deleted scenes from ElBin’s projects that are worth recovering, recipes – both delicious and Socairan, updates on what they are doing, where they are going, and anything else that the public needs to know about these unhinged, ink-slinging bipeds.

(My romance advice column – Whiskers & Whispers: Love Advice for Woodland Hearts – will continue as usual, with monthly updates in your local forests.

Please see Sir Stephanius Squirrel for subscription information.)

For now, I leave you with the following deleted scene from their upcoming novel: Fragile Oath.

But know that it was thrown into the garbage bin for a reason. (A good one, in this raccoon’s humble opinion.)


Deleted scene from Fragile Oath: Book two of the Lochlann Deception.

Please note that this may contain spoilers for the series:

“Well, Dav, that’s just what we do in this family,” Gwyn said.

“Read each other’s mail?” I asked and she shrugged.

“Yes. We are intrusive and co-dependant and overly involved in each other’s lives to a rather unhealthy degree.”

Gallagher nodded sagely. “Well put, Twinsie.”

I rolled my eyes, a derisive laugh escaping my lips.

“Touche,” I said around another forced yawn, gesturing toward the door. “But if you don’t mind, I would like to get some sleep, something I am perfectly capable of doing alone.”

Gwyn snorted in disbelief and Gal shook his head.

“We’re not that gullible, cousin,” he said. “Da may not know how things were with Galina, but we know damned good and well you aren’t leaving this search to someone else.”

My lips parted to argue, but Gwyn cut me off before I could get a single word out.

“We’ve already discussed it,” she said. “If you two can catch up to her within a day, you’ll still be back in a week. That’s plenty of time for me to figure out who all was involved on this end, and to distract Da until you meet us in Alech.”

I considered the plan, debating it for all of two minutes before ceding the point. Gal was an excellent rider and swordsman, and his ability to heal made him invaluable when I had no idea what we might be up against.

Finally, I nodded and raised my glass. “To intrusive family and codependency.”


Ever your humble servant,

Count Cedric Raccoonsworth Trashington III, Authorial Aristocrat of the Whispering Woods

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